First Circle’s innovative curriculum is based on extensive research from a variety of resources that detail the latest and most established methods and practices of how young children learn best. Our curriculum is aligned with the Department of Education’s Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences, which is based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.


Our educational program builds upon learned skills and introduces new ideas, concepts and activities through a variety of themes that are creatively interwoven into every day’s planned activities. At First Circle, your child will develop a foundation for learning that will support and guide them on their journey of exploration, discovery and understanding. He will stretch his cognitive skills in language and literacy, math, science and technology; learn about the world around her and how she fits in; develop and expand his creative expression and individuality; develop coordination and a strong body; learn how to be a good friend and have respect for others; learn and practice self-help skills, and develop a strong sense of self. And our low teacher:child ratios in every classroom ensure that she’ll get all the attention she deserves. When your child leaves First Circle for kindergarten, she’ll have all the skills to thrive in school and be a successful lifetime learner!


Our Infant classrooms for newborn to about 16 months provide a warm, safe and nurturing learning environment for your baby. First and foremost, all the infants in our care sleep, eat, and are changed according to their own unique schedule. When those important needs are taken care of, our teachers have lots of time for cuddling, singing songs, reading stories, encouraging movement like reaching, rolling, sitting, and standing, exploring interesting toys and materials that stimulate the brain and the senses, and playing interactive and responsive games. We also enjoy outdoor time in strollers and playing on the infant playground. We spend lots of individual time helping each baby build upon their emerging skills, and guiding them in exploration of a classroom designed especially for busy babies. Each time a baby becomes curious about something or someone can be turned into a learning opportunity. Whatever your baby's age or temperament, our expert teachers will help them thrive! Ratio:2 Teachers for 7 infants.


Toddlers from about 16 months to 2.9 years are busy achieving new milestones—walking, talking, exploring toilet-learning, and discovering new self-help skills. We spend lots of time learning how to play cooperatively with friends and how to understand and follow rules of the group. We read books, sing lots of songs, listen to and act out stories, and have fun while we climb and bounce and jump and dance! Our hands are busy with activities like stringing beads, puzzles, pushing buttons and matching and sorting items. We pretend in dramatic play areas with dress-up clothes and props like play kitchens. Toddlers explore art through daily activities that stimulate their senses and encourage creativity, and older toddlers practice other "school" skills like standing in line, waiting a turn, and using our words to solve problems. Ratio: 2 Teachers for 9 Toddlers


Preschool children ages 2.9 to 5 are introduced to a traditional nursery school structure where the day follows a predictable routine that incorporates into the curriculum both work and play in a variety of activities. Language and vocabulary are further developed through activities like reading, rhyming, and dramatic play. Social skills grow with everyday activities like circle time, stories and songs, outdoor time, show and tell, projects, table choices and free-play. Scientific and mathematical concepts like counting, balancing, constructing, and predicting are explored through creative activities. Ratio: 1 Teacher for 9 Preschoolers


Field trips and exciting visitors who specialize in music, puppets, storytelling, dance and nature enhance our learning. Of course, we still have lots of time to run around outside and play with all our friends!